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Champion the best VPN for your network.

These days, when it comes to private networking, there are a lot of options to consider and the best solution has evolved along with the technology. Are you utilizing older software in your production environments? Do you have stringent compliancy concerns that obligate you to maintain control over how your data is handled? How complex …

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless is a flexible, high capacity, and extremely dependable broadband solution that leverages microwave technology to deliver commercial-grade broadband at affordable rates to any location. The technology’s wireless infrastructure, unique form of data transport, and other advantageous characteristics have spurred more and more IT managers to utilize Fixed Wireless broadband service as their primary …

IT expert: An impressive juggling act.

The typical workday of an IT expert encompasses more than fixing office computer and printer problems. The IT expert efficiently tackles a long list of tasks, juggling between daily operations, short-term projects and long-term responsibilities. The successful IT pro is a knowledge resource, a multi-tasker, a problem solver, and a good communicator. There are three …

Internet downtime: Do you know the real cost?

Businesses are carefully crafted inter-connected relationships between people, technology, tools, and money, all working in congruence for success. But imagine the impact when one of the key company resources, such as an Internet connection, goes down. For most businesses, a reliable Internet connection is mission-critical for customer communications, employee productivity and generating revenue. Consider a …

What’s causing slow Internet speeds for your employees?

Are your employees frustrated with slow Internet speeds? Before you call your ISP and increase your bandwidth, it’s best to determine the root cause. There are several factors that could be causing a slow user experience. Router, firewall, malware, bad cables, employees streaming media unbeknownst to IT, packet prioritization, as well as ISP related issues, …

CES 2015 – a smart show for a smart tomorrow.

Enthusiasm was high at this year’s CES Show. Along with 170,000 tech enthusiasts, I trekked through 35 football fields of products and services to experience the future of technology. From the latest in smart homes, 3D printers, robotics, wearables, video, and audio, to futuristic self-drive autos, I saw innovation across the entire technology ecosystem. More …

Is a VPN an IP private network?

Before we can answer “What is a VPN?” we first need to define a private network. A private network is a network of computers that are connected to each other, without any connection to external networks or the Internet. Each computer utilizes a private IP address – an address that only a device within the …

What is a T1 line? How fast is T1 service?

A T1 line is a communications transmission service that provides symmetrical bandwidth via 2 twisted copper wires. Businesses have long relied on telephone companies for this age-old service, which was originally developed for the Bell System. While standard telephone lines can only transfer voice and data at 56 kbps using a modem, a T1 line, …

Is your broadband connection right for cloud computing and other real time services?

The growth in real time services is phenomenal. Businesses are rapidly adopting new services that increase productivity and streamline costs. Enterprise Resource Systems (ERP), VoIP and streaming media are tasking broadband connections like never before. If you rely on these business productivity services for success, then you better make sure you have the right broadband …

CES. The Super Bowl Of Technology.

At 4 months away, the excitement for the Consumer Electronics Show is starting to brew. Affectionately referred to as the Super Bowl of Technology, manufacturers, exhibitors, reporters, analysts, buyers, and celebrities already have CES on the brain. With only a few days left for free registration #CES2015, our email is filling-up with registration news, hotel …