Insights from the Sales Desk – One size bandwidth doesn’t always fit.

When it comes to business Internet services, companies are very diverse. The number of employees, the type of service they provide, the means by which they interact with their customers, vendors and partners, and the combination of data applications utilized all affect their bandwidth needs. It seems like no two companies are the same when it comes to business broadband. Hence, bandwidth in standard sizes doesn’t always fit. And to add even more complexities, what may fit today, may not fit tomorrow.

Many times when my sales team talks to businesses to learn about their needs, they really have no idea how much bandwidth they are using or how much they will need in the future. Unfortunately, they usually guess, and then negotiate for as much
Internet bandwidth they can get for the budget. The result is they buy to their budget, instead of to their broadband needs. So it’s no wonder that so many companies have contracted for far more bandwidth than they are using.

For businesses that want more efficiency, one option is to find a business Internet provider that has the flexibility to adjust your bandwidth, up or down, based on your actual usage.

For Skyriver customers, we can install a link, graph it and then “right-size it.” For instance, say you might think you need 5 Mbps, but fear maybe 10 Mbps is a better choice to make sure you are covered. We can install your 5 Mbps connection and when you are ready to test, increase the connection to 10 Mbps at no charge. During this test window, we’ll chart your usage, at no additionally charge, and share the information with you. If you really only needed 5 Mbps, then you just stretched your budget. If you need 10 Mbps, or say 8Mbps, then we can right-size your service accordingly.

When bandwidth is sized appropriately for the current demand and it can be quickly increased when you really need it, you’re getting the utmost efficiency and productivity. Learn more about Skyriver business Internet services.

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