Multiple broadband connections may not give the redundancy you really need.


Businesses need true broadband redundancy, in advance of nearby construction.

In order to evaluate if your broadband connections provide true redundancy for your business, you need to get in the trenches, so to speak. Nearly all wired services, be it phone company services like T1s, DS3s, Ethernet over copper and fiber; or cable and fiber broadband connections from cable companies; are laid in the same trenches, under our roads and pathways. While there are significant costs and construction savings afforded to broadband Internet providers by sharing the same trenches or even the same conduit, there are significant disadvantages when it comes to broadband redundancy, for businesses that utilize broadband services delivered in such close proximity.

Take for instance, street construction and repair. If construction equipment accidentally damages or cuts through the wired broadband Internet services, all services will be damaged since they all share the same path. These services are also susceptible to floods, fires, sinkholes and all the other man-made or natural disasters we so often hear about in the news.

Consequently, carrier diversity alone may not provide the redundancy your business needs if all of the broadband Internet services are delivered via the same path. To achieve real business Internet redundancy, you not only need multiple Internet service providers, but you need to select broadband Internet providers that deliver their services via different, or diverse paths.

An easy way to ensure you have path diversity is to utilize a wireless Internet service in addition to a wired Internet service. Fixed wireless broadband, such as enterprise broadband from Skyriver, utilizes microwave technology to deliver reliable, fast Internet service for businesses. By adding fixed wireless to your wired service, you can be confident that your business will have the true redundancy that your business continuity plan requires. Get more information on broadband redundancy and path diversity, via our white paper on Redundancy for Corporate Broadband. Check Internet services to learn more about broadband Internet options.