T1 alternatives may be a better choice for your business broadband.


Don't get tied-down in T1 lines. T1 alternatives provide freedom.

Don’t get tied-down in T1 lines. T1 alternatives provide freedom and cost savings.

T1s have been around for decades. T1s and bonded T1s were born from legacy copper technology utilized by phone companies. Yet while broadband Internet demand continues to grow exponentially with the advent of streaming video and real time apps like cloud computing, some businesses continue to shy away from looking at more up to date T1 alternatives that Internet Service Providers offer.

If you’re looking for a broadband connection that can scale as your needs grow, T1s may not be ideal. T1s have the inherent disadvantage that you can only increase the bandwidth by bonding T1s, which mean you can only add bandwidth in increments of 1.5 Mbps. So a bonded T1 yields 3 Mbps, and 3 T1s yield 4.5 Mbps, 4 T1s yield 6 Mbps, and so on. But what if you only need 2 Mbps, or 5 Mbps? Should you really be required to contract for more than you need just because that’s the only way T1s are sold? For anyone who has bonded together multiple T1s, you also know that the extra costs for adding equipment for Ethernet hand-offs can quickly make a dent in your IT hardware budget, not to mention the headaches involved in adding the additional equipment.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a modern-day scalable Ethernet broadband connection that delivers dedicated bandwidth with very high dependability, that can also accommodate your IT requirements for affordability and QoS,  then consider options beyond these legacy T1 connections.

A better broadband alternative to T1 connections that offers guaranteed bandwidth, scales from 1 Mbps to GigE, and requires no additional hardware for Ethernet hand-off is business broadband service from Skyriver. Learn about small business Internet and enterprise Internet solutions today.


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Jenny Bourbiel is Vice President of Marketing for Skyriver. She oversees marketing, public relations, product management and customer relationship programs for Skyriver. A new addition to the Skyriver portfolio of services is the company's innovative 5G class millimeter wave broadband service, Skyriver Magnitude (TM). As a lifetime marketer and technology enthusiast, she bonds smart customer insights and creative thinking to connect people with Skyriver broadband services in profound and lasting ways. Since joining the Skyriver team, her customer centric initiatives have strengthened new customer growth as well as customer loyalty. Jenny brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to Skyriver, in both executive and brand management roles with leading consumer and technology brands including Verizon Wireless, Hilton Hotels, DirecTV, WD-40, and AT&T Wireless. At AT&T Wireless, she managed the marketing strategy for next generation wireless services, including the launch of the American Idol partnership that fueled the popularity of texting in the U.S. Prior to joining Skyriver, Jenny was a Marketing Consultant, working with companies such as Cox Business, where her campaigns earned the CTAM Marketing Excellence Gold Award. Earlier, Jenny held the position of Marketing Vice President for Buzztime, an interactive online gaming company. Jenny’s passion for marketing extends to her community involvement. She has sat on various marketing committees, and was on the Board of Directors for the Arts Center Foundation. Jenny holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Spanish.