So many companies act as if they don’t care about their customers

It’s always surprising to me how many companies, both business broadband companies as well as others, don’t practice the philosophy of putting the customer first. I was reminded of this as I was trying to reach the care team for a problematic product.

I had called for help and got wrapped into one of those long automated call queues, where you enter information on who you want, the type of problems being experienced, the call back number etc. After 10 minutes, I got a call center rep who proceeded to ask me for all the info I had entered, and then said they would transfer me to someone else. After 15 minutes on hold, I got another rep who asked some questions, had me perform a couple of things to fix the issue, and then transferred me to a higher level queue. Another 15 minutes on hold and I finally reached a live person who was knowledgeable about the issue. When all was said and done, they fixed my problem, but I lost an hour of my time.

If you run a business that is built on a quality customer experience, then you know the importance of providing responsive and knowledgeable customer support, just as we do.  So next time you buy a product, you might want to see what customers say about the support. I know I will.  

I'll give you a radiant smile
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About Hugo Morales

Hugo Morales is Vice President of Operations for Skyriver. "Ultimate Customer Advocate" is the true definition of how Hugo executes his job. In every situation, Hugo's drive is to resolve issues with the least customer impact. He works diligently to do the best job for his customers, and through his effort, they witness firsthand how much he cares. Utilizing his strong organizational, leadership and mentoring skills, Hugo has created a customer care team that shares his passion for helping customers. Hugo truly personifies a leader who is focused and purposeful with sensitivity to understand and assist in the challenges others face. This unique combination, along with his strong sense of organizational loyalty makes Hugo a vital asset to the company. Hugo served in various management and operational roles critical to the launch and success of wired, cable and wireless networks for more than 15 years before joining Skyriver. Prior to joining Skyriver, Hugo worked for Cox Communications, where he helped launch the Cox Business Services Organization in San Diego. In this capacity, he held responsibility for new product development, new construction builds, sales support and overall project management. Hugo also worked as Regional Communication Manager for GTECH Corp. where he was responsible for the launch and operations of multiple Lottery Network infrastructures in the western U.S. region.