Outage at Intermedia prompts companies to weigh the business costs of network outages and Internet redundancy planning


Do you worry about network outages?  Failed communications with your valued customers? Loosing sales?  If you’re one of the unlucky companies that have been severely impacted by a network outages, then you’re ahead of others when it comes to determining the business impact, revenue impact and customer relationship harm from outages.  You also know first-hand that the impact can be gruesome, and the recovery painful.   All too often companies lack business continuity plans until it’s too late. After all, perfectionism is unattainable. If you acknowledge this basic truism, then it’s time to sharpen your pencil and get to work on your redundancy planning.

Full redundancy for integral business operations is your first priority.  For most businesses, a redundant Internet connection is your starting point. Broadband connectivity is your lifeline to your customers, your brand, your operations, your data, and your revenue, especially if your business is based on e-commerce.  We all know there are many reliable broadband connections available to businesses such as T1s, DS3s, fiber and fixed wireless.  But few recognize that all of these, except for fixed wireless are delivered via a single path and a single entry point.  Since cable and phone lines all share the same trenches or phone company facilities, if one line goes down, chances are they all will go down.  For full broadband redundancy, you need reliable broadband connections that are delivered to you via diverse providers as well as diverse paths, such as wired and fixed wireless.

Next deliverable for true broadband redundancy is the implementation of failover and load balancing protocols.  Multi-WAN routers have the ability to re-route your inbound and outbound data traffic in case of failure.  By setting up your failover procedures in advance, you can avoid downtime since your failover procedures will automatically re-route traffic to another healthy connection.  Load balancing is a technology that distributes network traffic, both inbound and outbound, over multiple active WAN links. Through load balancing, companies can also maximize their day to day bandwidth utilization of both broadband connections.

Need to know more?  Download Redundancy for Corporate Broadband White Paper from Skyriver.

Jenny Bourbiel

About Jenny Bourbiel

Jenny Bourbiel is Vice President of Marketing for Skyriver. She oversees marketing, public relations, product management and customer relationship programs for Skyriver. A new addition to the Skyriver portfolio of services is the company's innovative 5G class millimeter wave broadband service, Skyriver Magnitude (TM). As a lifetime marketer and technology enthusiast, she bonds smart customer insights and creative thinking to connect people with Skyriver broadband services in profound and lasting ways. Since joining the Skyriver team, her customer centric initiatives have strengthened new customer growth as well as customer loyalty. Jenny brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to Skyriver, in both executive and brand management roles with leading consumer and technology brands including Verizon Wireless, Hilton Hotels, DirecTV, WD-40, and AT&T Wireless. At AT&T Wireless, she managed the marketing strategy for next generation wireless services, including the launch of the American Idol partnership that fueled the popularity of texting in the U.S. Prior to joining Skyriver, Jenny was a Marketing Consultant, working with companies such as Cox Business, where her campaigns earned the CTAM Marketing Excellence Gold Award. Earlier, Jenny held the position of Marketing Vice President for Buzztime, an interactive online gaming company. Jenny’s passion for marketing extends to her community involvement. She has sat on various marketing committees, and was on the Board of Directors for the Arts Center Foundation. Jenny holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Spanish.