Millimeter Wave Broadband
Millimeter Wave Broadband

Skyriver successfully completes prelaunch field trials of its new millimeter wave broadband.

(San Diego, CA, October 20, 2016) Skyriver has taken another important step in Gigabit millimeter wave (mmW) broadband with the successful completion of field trials for the company's new mmW point to multipoint (PTMP) technology. The company has been developing the innovative technology to fuel a Gigabit broadband service offering. Earlier this year, Skyriver announced that it has been acquiring spectrum rights for several markets in multiple frequency bands in the millimeter wave range of wireless spectrum.

Field trials reflecting a variety of customer operating conditions, have been ongoing in San Diego in the 39 GHz spectrum band for the past few months. Prior to the field trials, Skyriver had tested the technology rigorously for many months in its R & D lab to ensure it met performance requirements for a multitude of high data traffic use cases and a wide range of weather conditions.

Throughout the lab and field testing, Skyriver's mmW equipment has performed remarkably well. The success of the company's mmW platform represents an important milestone in broadband innovation. "It's exciting to see the culmination of several years of design and development work coming to fruition at this time," said Skyriver CEO, Saeed Khorami.

Skyriver's engineering team architected the radio technology that is at the heart of the new mmW broadband service. To achieve premium performance and very high capacity, the company utilizes its proprietary intellectual property, in addition to some of the latest advancements in wireless communications.

Skyriver has also been on the forefront of advancing TDD (Time Division Duplexing) technology for mmW to enable dynamic allocation of capacity for upload and download traffic. Despite its complexities, Skyriver took on the technical challenges because it recognized that TDD was a superior choice for broadband data communication. The FCC's recent decision to support TDD as the preferred platform for 5G technologies affirms Skyriver's foresight and performance engineering approach.

"Our pioneering design in PTMP mmW stems from our deep desire to deliver a robust broadband service built for today's tech reliant economy. As a leading enterprise broadband provider, we experience firsthand the dynamic, asymmetrical and bursty nature of broadband usage. Technologies that allow for dynamic assignment of network capacity to where it's needed most, significantly improve performance," added Khorami.

"The advancements we are making in mmW broadband will be a game changer for companies that rely heavily on broadband connectivity to support their data-driven operations. Our new mmW service, powered by our innovative technology, will empower others to harness the force of a digitally connected world," said Skyriver VP of Marketing Jenny Bourbiel.

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Skyriver is a leading-edge wireless broadband provider transforming broadband via technological ingenuity and inspiring customer insight. The company's innovative approach to broadband service stems from its mission to advance connectivity for data-driven businesses. Leveraging its expertise in wireless communications, Skyriver is meeting the rapidly accelerating demand for enterprise bandwidth through its pioneering developments in millimeter wave (mmW) broadband.

Headquartered in San Diego, Skyriver serves a multitude of businesses including technology, manufacturing, education, government, bioscience, entertainment, retail, hospitality, media, and fortune 500 companies.