Save with Skyriver broadband Internet Provider
Save with Skyriver broadband Internet Provider

Inspired business broadband for digitally driven companies.

Skyriver Magnitude™ is an innovative broadband Internet service delivering an extraordinarily new level of high speed Internet broadband connectivity. As the first millimeter wave (mmW) 5G class service of its kind, Skyriver Magnitude empowers data driven enterprises to meet the accelerating demand for bandwidth, free from the confinement and restrictions of fiber Internet. Our unique millimeter wave broadband (mmWB) service is powered by our proprietary point to multipoint technology, and leverages the vast high frequency spectrum known as millimeter waves for unparalleled performance, reliability, and ease.

We have created our mmW service for our data economy. Businesses are increasingly relying on robust technologies, cloud services and content driven applications. Dependable high capacity, low latency broadband Internet is mission critical. But legacy Internet services have not kept pace with business requirements. Fiber is increasingly falling short. Limited coverage, expensive construction, long provisioning delays and costly surcharges for exceeding data limits have become insurmountable barriers for fiber service. Transcending the physical and economic limitations inherent in fiber Internet, Skyriver Magnitude empowers you to harness the power of broadband as you desire.

Skyriver's mmW Gigabit Internet broadband service delivers 100% CIR, and ≥99.99% uptime with extremely low latency, packet loss and jitter, making it the right broadband Internet choice for running robust business apps. Skyriver Magnitude keeps pace with your changing needs, easing bandwidth forecasting. In a matter of hours, you can increase your bandwidth up to GigE.

We offer the fastest broadband Internet installation in the industry. Free from timely or expensive construction, we can provision your Skyriver Magnitude service in as little as 24 hours. And should you ever need support, our highly skilled technical support team is easily reachable 24/7, with an average speed of answer of 10 seconds.

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Save with Skyriver broadband Internet Provider.
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Millimeter Wave Business Broadband Internet.
As a leading Enterprise Internet service provider, and a pioneer in mmWB, we are 100% focused on providing exceptional high speed broadband Internet and Private Networking for enterprise customers as well as medium and small business.

Delivered via our advanced Skyriver network, we have engineered our high performance, fully redundant mmW Fixed Wireless service for reliable, high-capacity, full duplex voice and data traffic. We have architected a carrier-grade network with numerous gigabit connections utilizing leading-edge core routers with dynamic routing for extreme reliability and performance to meet even the most stringent needs of companies. Direct peering with top content providers, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo, adds efficiency to data flow, and increases redundancy. End-to-end QoS improves latency and user experience for higher priority data like VoIP. Our industry-leading SLA, and 30-Day Customer Assurance Guarantee underscore our commitment to quality.

If you utilize the productive and intelligent operations of technology in the workplace, relying on services like cloud computing, streaming media such as 4K video, interactive applications and VoIP, Skyriver Magnitude broadband welcomes you to a new era in connectivity. Explore the freedom of mmW broadband services today. Unleash the digital world.

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