Broadband Internet Agent
Broadband Internet Agent

Partner with our Skyriver business mmWave broadband team of experts.


What's good for our customers is good for you too.
Our innovative millimeter wave (mmWave) broadband and our exemplary track record in providing commercial-grade broadband service are the reasons our customers come to us. They are also the reasons you should become a Skyriver Agent or Channel Partner.

As a leading broadband provider, we are actively transforming broadband connectivity with our pioneering developments in mmWave broadband. Utilizing our proprietary mmW technology to leverage high frequency spectrum, our point to multipoint mmWave broadband is breaking new ground in high capacity, low latency broadband access. Free from the confinement and restrictions of fiber, transcending the physical and economic limitations of fiber, our robust mmWave broadband empowers data-driven enterprises to meet the accelerating demand for bandwidth.

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As a Channel Partner, you get the full support of our team, not to mention the peace of mind you'll enjoy as a Skyriver Broadband Internet Reseller, by offering a superb business broadband service that is incredibly reliable, agile, and quick to provision. Typically, our Skyriver mmWave services can be installed in as little as a day.


You'll also get a Channel Manager assigned directly to you, who will help close deals with training, contract assistance, marketing, and monthly promotions. Our expert Customer Care and Technical Support teams are here 24/7 for you and your customers, should you ever need them.

Evergreen compensation keeps your residuals coming.
Evergreen Compensation We offer one of the most aggressive sales plans in the broadband industry. Our evergreen commission program lets you benefit from lasting customer relationships. As bandwidth needs grow, and customers increase their service levels, your residual commissions escalate as well. In the past year alone, over 35% of our new revenue came from existing customers who increased their bandwidth. You can imagine the long-term revenue potential from all those happy broadband customers.

To learn more about the advantages of mmWave broadband and how to become a Skyriver high speed Internet Agent or Channel Partner, submit our Agent Form, or call our Channel Team at 858-812-9309.

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Skyriver is a fixed wireless provider with great service, support and prices. Their service can be installed next day for emergencies. Skyriver is easy to work with and they pay evergreen. No wonder Skyriver is our fastest growing carrier this year.
Alan Sandler, Managing Partner at SANDLER PARTNERS
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Our clients have been overwhelmed with the excellent performance, short timeline to install, small footprint of equipment, and the lower operational costs from Skyriver connections. We are committed advocates of their services.
Tim Hoopes, Principal at DYNAMICIO
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