Skyriver 5G Millimeter Wave broadband technology
Skyriver 5G Millimeter Wave broadband technology
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Millimeter Wave broadband. Today's breakthrough for tomorrow's connectivity.

Technology is advancing exponentially. Computers are doubling their capabilities every 18-20 months as are the information technologies that data-driven enterprises leverage to maintain their competitive edge. An increased reliance on cloud computing, BYOD environments, robust real time services such as 4K video conferencing, and data intelligence and analytics, is fueling a hyper-dependence on broadband connectivity. Fiber once showed promise for meeting the demand for broadband. Today however, it's clear that fiber's limited reach and huge deployment costs cannot satisfy the stringent capacity and heterogeneity requirements of evolving broadband networks. Plus, as the need to support exponentially growing data traffic across vast geographical locations accelerates, Fiber's inability to satisfy demand worsens. Recognizing the insurmountable fiber gap, we are actively transforming broadband via our advancements in 5G class millimeter wave (mmWave) technology.

As a leading mmW broadband provider, we perceive the immense opportunity to leverage high frequency wireless spectrum to overcome the physical and economic limitations of fiber. Unlike lower frequency bands, higher frequency waves, known as millimeter waves (30 GHz to 300 GHz) are extremely underutilized. With tens of times more bandwidth, very high data transmission rates, reaching many Gigabits per second, can be achieved. Accordingly, these frequency bands are considered the main enabler of many future 5G services that will require very high throughput, low latency and huge network capacity. With our pioneering developments in the areas of 5G class digital signal processing, mmWave RF design and Point to Multipoint (PtMP) access network architecture, we are breaking new ground towards an exciting new era of connectivity.

Our proprietary millimeter technology powers our commercial-grade broadband service, Skyriver Magnitude™. The PtMP architecture provides many advantages over point to point (PtP) designs. Our Skyriver network delivers high reliability and far greater spectral efficiency than PtP. We can quickly and cost efficiently scale the network. There's no need to rebuild the network each time a customer is added - placement of a small dish and radio on the customer's rooftop is all that is required.

With data driven enterprises constantly demanding more bandwidth and quality of service (QoS), we have engineered our mmWave technology for increased capacity and premium user experience. Utilizing innovative techniques in RF design, MIMO enabled antenna technology, and higher order modulation techniques, we have successfully overcome the short range, capacity limitations, and low spectral efficiency that previously limited mmWave throughput and coverage.

Seeing firsthand the dynamic nature and burstiness of enterprise traffic patterns, we have successfully designed a QoS-aware network and a radio resource management (RRM) strategy that tremendously benefits from dynamically allocating network resources to the application to meet the end-user's demand. Despite the complexities of TDD technology, we took on the technical challenges as we recognized that TDD was a superior choice for mmWave broadband communications. The FCC's recent decision to support TDD as a preferred platform for 5G technologies affirms Skyriver's foresight and performance engineering approach.

As the networking technologies evolve to address the demanding requirements of 5G networks, the need for new applications with challenging QoS provision and bundled end-to-end services become increasingly important. Recent research studies affirm significant growth in enterprise traffic with huge growth in QoS-thirsty video and real time applications. This need for increased throughput, will soon overlap with a huge demand for capacity, thereby making existing broadband technologies like Fiber and PtP microwave, simply inadequate. As pioneers in mmWave technology, we can connect our customers with a scalable 5G class network that is capable of addressing both current and future data connectivity needs, in a cost effective, secure and convenient way.

Unleash a new era in connectivity today. Explore Skyriver Magnitude broadband today.

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