Fixed Wireless Internet
Fixed Wireless Internet
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Fixed Wireless Broadband

Broadband thoughtfully conceived and executed.
In 2000, a team of experienced engineers in telecom, Fixed Wireless, information technology and data networking united together to create a new kind of broadband service provider that would be reliable, efficient, secure and yet flexible enough to adapt to changes in customer needs. They envisioned a service that was free from the physical, bureaucratic, and technological restraints of legacy wired services such as DSL, T1s, bonded T1s, DS3s and cable Internet, offered by phone and cable companies. They would design and build a network based on a singular proven technology platform - - Fixed Wireless - - layered with advanced monitoring, security and performance-enhancing protocols.

They would become Skyriver, a highly specialized engineering and knowledge-driven wireless broadband provider that is 100% focused on delivering superb broadband Internet, with guaranteed speeds to GigE, for businesses who rely on broadband for their success.

What is Fixed Wireless?
Fixed Wireless is a microwave-based technology that allows you to send and receive high-speed data between two fixed sites or locations. It is not mobile technology and should not be confused with it. Nor is it Wi-Fi where bandwidth is shared on a "one to many" basis. Fixed Wireless is a broadband wireless internet service that delivers robust and dedicated bandwidth. There are many compelling advantages for Fixed Wireless as compared to wired services such as fast installation free from trenching and construction, scalable bandwidth, true path and network diversity and easy Ethernet hand-off.

≥ 99.99% Uptime

≥ 99.5% Packet Delivery

≤ 40 ms Latency

≤ 15 ms Latency

Precision designed network for precision performance.
Our Skyriver engineering team architected a fully IP (Internet Protocol) based carrier-grade fixed microwave network, utilizing multiple redundant Gigabit connections, to deliver a premier broadband service. The elegant network design is based on a "two-tier" core and access approach to provide the highest levels of Quality of Service (QoS), security and reliability.

To achieve full redundancy for the core network, each base station, which facilitates broadband communication between the end user LAN and the core, is connected to the rest of the network via multiple Gigabit connections, utilizing high capacity microwave backhaul technology in a ring architecture. In addition, we created multiple redundant Gigabit connections for diverse tier 1 upstream access across the network.

All network elements are remotely manageable including Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), and are monitored and managed 24/7 by the Skyriver Network Operations Center (NOC).

Our industry leading SLA assures performance for all your real time services such as cloud computing, VoIP, streaming video and VPN.
Skyriver Service Availability
Skyriver Fixed Wireless
Outstanding performance. Brilliantly engineered.

Why businesses choose Skyriver

Skyriver Fixed Wireless Network

Our broadband service works seamlessly with your LAN.

Our core network links to a small unobtrusive microwave antenna on your roof via our state-of-the-art access network that leverages advanced standards for wireless broadband communications. From your antenna, your Skyriver service is routed via an Ethernet cable to your data room, and connects directly into your LAN (Local Area Network). The installation is quick and easy. Typically, we can have your service up and running reliably in as little as 24 hours. Click Installation to learn more.

We lead the industry in reliability with our rigorous testing and standards.

As an engineering and knowledge-driven Internet service provider, we set the bar extremely high when it comes to quality, performance and inter-operability standards. We rigorously test all broadband equipment and protocols, both in our labs and in the field prior to market launch. With product development savvy and vetted analytics, we actively guide product improvements for our manufacturers in both functionality and reliability.

Advanced security measures keep your data safe.

For enhanced data reliability and security, our network utilizes multiple distinct layers of security including 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and client authentication protocols, thereby making it as safe as the best wired network.