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Skyriver Installation
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Broadband Installation

Fast Internet installation. Commercial-grade broadband without the wait.
Tired of waiting for phone and cable companies to install your commercial grade broadband circuit? Need a next day Internet installation for your business? Then consider Skyriver millimeter wave (mmWave) business broadband.

Unlike other broadband Internet service providers, we believe businesses should have robust broadband Internet when they need it. Our innovative millimeter wave broadband service, Skyriver Magnitude utilizes high frequency spectrum, known as millimeter waves to overcome the cumbersome physical and economic limitations in fiber Internet as well as other wired solutions.

We will install your high-performance mmWave broadband connection, quickly and easily. Our Certified Field Engineers can have your service up and running impeccably, in as little as 24 hours. Smart engineering, innovative millimeter wave technology, agile operations and our utmost desire to delight customers fuel our commitment for the fastest broadband installations in the industry.

No mess, no fuss.
With our mmWave Fixed Wireless business-grade Internet service, you're completely free from the hassles of installation that are inherent in wired broadband solutions. There's never any messy construction, trenching, permitting, agonizing build-out costs or lag times, which means you get the blazing speed and performance of fiber optics without the start-up pitfalls and costs.

Skyriver broadband service is delivered via our advanced fixed wireless mmWave network. Utilizing a small unobtrusive antenna on the rooftop, Skyriver service is routed via an Ethernet cable that runs through an existing ventilation opening, to your data room, where it connects directly into your LAN (Local Area Network). Since no construction is required, our Certified Field Engineers typically install Skyriver business broadband in less than a day.

Our high capacity business-grade service provides dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth up to GigE. It performs on par with the best fiber internet, delivering ≥99.99%, extremely low packet loss, jitter and latency, which makes it an ideal solution for companies who need a fast and reliable broadband connection for both voice and data transport.

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To learn more about our quick and easy installations, please see our Skyriver Installation Guide.

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Skyriver Installation
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