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Reliable Broadband and Support

We work day and night to ensure reliable broadband service.
We are here for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to ensure your fixed wireless millimeter wave broadband service performs to the very high standards we both demand. The high capacity, low latency broadband service has been engineered for robust cloud computing and real time apps like 4K video conferencing. We are constantly monitoring and watching for ways to proactively protect your broadband Internet service.

Our experienced NOC team ensures your Internet service is the best it can be.
With the help of computer monitoring software that tracks real-time usage and performance, our NOC technicians and engineers are in constant care of your service. We analyze performance data, including your broadband usage, throughput and your Skyriver Magnitude™ Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). If we observe an issue, we proactively notify you to explain the issue and how we are quickly resolving it.

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Additionally, we regularly perform proactive maintenance and analyze surveillance reporting for items such as capacity utilization, data transport efficiency, power consumption, and upstream access. Through our diligence and expertise, we can often detect an issue and correct it before it impacts your service. Reliable and fast broadband Internet service - it's our promise to you.
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Our Network Operations Center preserves dependability.