Broadband Internet Speed Test
Broadband Internet Speed Test

Broadband Internet Speed Test

How does your Internet speed test compare?
If you rely on broadband Internet for mission critical operations, then you know the importance of a fast and stable Internet connection. With our free broadband speed checker you can test your upload speed, test your download speed and check the latency of your current Internet connection.

Keep in mind that several factors will affect your online speed test.

For the most accurate broadband Internet speed test results, follow these tips:
  • Connect your device as close to the Internet connection as possible. Connecting behind your firewall or LAN, such as from your desktop, will garner slower broadband speed test results since network congestion will prohibit full bandwidth testing.
  • Connect via a wired connection, as Wi-Fi interference from neighboring Wi-Fi devices will reduce speed results.
  • Check Internet speed 2-3 times to compare results.
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