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Keep your WAN and your employees humming with advanced millimeter wave VPN.
Choosing the right carrier to provide your private network connection for critical business operations just got easier and more affordable with our 5G fixed millimeter wave broadband technology. Our innovative private networking service, Skyriver Magnitude™ Virtual Private Network (VPN) bundles performance, agility and cost savings all into one connection.

Choose the carrier with the broadband expertise and the desire to deliver your VPN service the way you want it.

Skyriver Private Network. Everything you need and more. Our business services are expertly designed to meet your needs in every way. Unlike other private line services, VPNs and Metro Ethernet options available that offer off-the shelf solutions, thinking one size fits all, our Private Network service is customizable to meet all your business and network requirements.

Our longstanding relationships with customers, as evident by numerous customer reviews, a premium SLA, and a 30 Day Broadband Service Customer Assurance Guarantee are testimony to our dedication to meet customer needs.

Make it a Skyriver Private Network connection and call it a day.
Contact us today and see how Skyriver Private network service is the right service for you.

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