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Looking for a leading-edge Internet service provider in Los Angeles? Are you ready to step into a new era with leading LA businesses and upgrade yesterday's broadband Internet access for today's robust cloud-computing, content-driven workplace? Our innovative millimeter wave broadband (mmWB) advances Internet connectivity for your data-driven organization.


Free from the restrictions and limitations that telecom providers have forced-upon its Internet customers, our mmWB service empowers LA businesses to meet the rapidly accelerating demand for high-capacity broadband Internet with ease, agility and affordability. The revolutionary new Internet service, Skyriver Magnitude is powered by our proprietary 5G class mmWave technology. By leveraging the expansive high frequency spectrum, known as millimeter waves, our data driven business customers enjoy high capacity Internet without being tethered to the inherent physical and economic restraints of fiber Internet.

Our robust business Internet service delivers guaranteed symmetrical speeds up to GigE, outperforming T1 Internet, DS3, Ethernet over copper, and fiber Internet, as well as other Internet services in Los Angeles. Our broadband service is optimized for real-time apps and cloud-computing with very low packet loss, low latency and low jitter, making it an ideal choice for businesses using 4K video conferencing and VoIP.

As a leading Internet service provider in Southern California, we deliver exceptional Los Angeles business Internet service always. Our expertly designed mmW service performs on par with the best fiber Internet. The service is fast and easy to install without the costly construction and annoying installation delays of fiber. Plus, your service is backed by an industry leading SLA and a 30 Day Customer Assurance Guarantee. Contact a Skyriver Expert today to learn more about our Los Angeles high speed business Internet service and our new customer savings for Los Angeles businesses.

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