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If your business requires an Internet service provider in Orange County with exceptional reliability and performance, then you'll like our innovative millimeter wave business broadband Internet service. As a leading Internet provider, we are breaking new ground in broadband connectivity. Fiber, some twenty years ago showed potential for Internet hungry businesses. But as technology progressed and cloud computing became mission-critical, BYOD became mainstream, and demand for robust bandwidth grew, fiber lagged behind. Recognizing the gap between advancing business connectivity and legacy fiber Internet offerings, we are reinventing broadband.


Our innovative millimeter wave service leverages our patented mmW technology. Skyriver Magnitude™ empowers enterprises to meet the accelerating demand for high quality Internet, untethered from the physical and economic limitations of fiber. Our commercial-grade broadband service promises guaranteed speeds that easily scale up to GigE, enabling you to get just the amount of bandwidth you need for today and for tomorrow. With 100% Committed Information Rate, ≥99.99% uptime, and extremely low packet loss, latency and jitter, our business-class high speed broadband service is perfectly suited for real time applications requiring high reliability voice and data transport.

And when it comes to fast broadband service provisioning, we lead the industry with quick installations, outpacing other Orange County T1, DS3, fiber optic Internet and cable Internet transport options. Typically we can have your business broadband service in Orange County up and running in just 24 hours.

With impeccable broadband performance, responsive technical support, an industry leading SLA, and a 30 Day Service Guarantee, it is easy to see why so many businesses in Orange County choose us as their high speed Internet provider. Contact a Skyriver Expert today to learn more about millimeter wave broadband Internet service for business and our new customer promotional savings.

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