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Businesses in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties rely on critical business technology such as cloud computing, streaming media and VoIP to stay ahead of their competitors. With the proliferation of technology developments, content-driven apps, user centric company cultures and rapid adoption rates, data-driven enterprises are experiencing the Data Tsunami firsthand. As a leading wireless broadband provider, we were compelled to advance connectivity beyond the limited capabilities of fiber. Via our technological advancements, we have reinvented broadband. Our innovative millimeter wave broadband (mmWB) is free from the costly and physical limitations that prevent fiber Internet from adequately meeting the demand for bandwidth. The dependable, high-capacity mmWB delivers the performance specs of the best fiber Internet, and is supported with our industry-leading SLA.


If you're looking for Internet service providers (ISPs) in Riverside CA, or San Bernardino CA, that deliver reliable and affordable business-class Internet, then you'll appreciate the many advantages that Skyriver Magnitude™ broadband delivers. Our robust business Internet service delivers guaranteed symmetrical speeds that are easily scalable to GigE. Unlike fiber Internet services, T1 Internet, DS3, and Ethernet over Copper (EOC) telecom solutions in Riverside and San Bernardino, our mmWB is engineered to meet your needs. With ≥99.99% uptime, and extremely low packet loss, latency and jitter, plus QoS, our broadband Internet service is ideal for both voice and data transport.

Since our millimeter wave Fixed Wireless broadband service requires no construction, and we have no dependency on telecom carriers or cable Internet carriers, we are able to provision your service quickly. Most installations can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

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