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Looking for reliable Internet service providers for your business in San Diego? When it comes to finding high speed Internet for San Diego, we know you want the best business broadband Internet service available for your company. That's why we engineered an innovative millimeter wave (mmW) high speed Internet service that performs on par with business quality fiber, yet delivers so much more.


Our fresh approach to broadband access stems from our mission to advance connectivity. As bandwidth usage has exponentially increased, making scalable broadband mission critical, fiber has failed to keep up with demand. We are launching a new era in connectivity, free from the economic and physical barriers of fiber Internet. Our mmW broadband, free from the restraints inherent in fiber, empowers you to meet the rapidly evolving network requirements and user expectations of your company.

Our premium San Diego broadband service, powered by our patented mmW technology, is engineered for efficiency, scalability and dependability. The service promises maximum performance, agility and value for Southern California businesses. With no legacy phone company infrastructure or cable TV dependency or residential services to distract, we maintain 100% of our resources and attention on delivering the best business broadband service for your needs. Our broadband service delivers 100% Committed Information Rate, ≥99.99% uptime and guaranteed speeds that easily scale to GigE, enabling you to get just the right amount of bandwidth you need today and tomorrow.

Unlike other San Diego Internet providers, we have the fastest broadband installations in San Diego. Typically we have your San Diego business broadband service up and running in as little as a day. Add to that a responsive customer care team that is specifically trained to meet the needs of business customers like you, and it's clear why so many businesses prefer our San Diego broadband service. Contact a Skyriver Expert to learn more about our commercial-grade mmW business broadband and our new customer promotional savings.

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