High Speed Business Broadband Services
High Speed Business Broadband Services
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Millimeter Wave Broadband Services

Skyriver millimeter wave broadband (mmWB) is the preferred business broadband Internet service for companies that leverage the digital world for their success. The revolutionary new service, Skyriver Magnitude™, driven by our advanced radio technology, utilizes the vast amounts of millimeter wave spectrum for modern, high capacity broadband.

Our dependable high speed business Internet service and Skyriver Private Network service has been engineered for enterprise capacity, accessibility and flexibility. Our mmWB service delivers your data with superb efficiency, reliability and affordability, just like the best fiber Internet services. But on accessibility and flexibility, the hardwired fiber optic solution, is no match for Skyriver Magnitude mmW service.

The advanced wireless millimeter wave broadband service is not encumbered by the vast limitations inherent in telephone and cable company legacy solutions. No other broadband service, be it fiber Internet, DS3 or bonded T1 can customize their high speed Internet service solutions to meet your performance, installation and budget requirements.

Readily available for businesses, our construction-free installation can be completed in as little as a day. Skyriver Magnitude service provides 100% CIR guaranteed bandwidth. The enterprise-level broadband service easily scales up to GigE, providing you the freedom to meet both your budget and your business requirements. Our multi-Gigabit network fully supports QoS, with industry-leading uptime and packet delivery, making it perfectly suited for real time service such as VoIP or 4K video conferencing. Plus, with no data usage limits, your company can utilize Skyriver mmWB to its full extent, free from any overage surcharges.

Explore the freedom and advantages of millimeter wave high speed Internet service today. Magnitude broadband. The advanced millimeter wave service designed to connect your people, your devices, your apps, and Big Data, just as you've always imagined. Only from Skyriver.
Business Broadband Service Area
Skyriver Business Broadband

mmW Business Broadband

High capacity broadband optimized for real-time applications. Skyriver Magnitude broadband surpasses alternative Internet services.

Up to GigE
≥99.99% uptime
Ultra-low latency and packet loss
Responsive customer care 24/7
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Skyriver Private Network

mmW Private Network

Connect your remote business locations privately, securely and easily with Skyriver Magnitude Private Network.

MPLS Layer 2 VPN
MPLS Layer 3 VPN
Up to GigE
≥99.99% uptime
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Skyriver Event Bandwidth

mmW Event Bandwidth

Dependable broadband services delivered quickly and easily for indoor and outdoor events, meetings and conferences.

Temporary Internet
Up to GigE
Fast and easy to install
Responsive customer care 24/7
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Skyriver Path Diversity

mmW Path Diversity

Achieve full redundancy and maximum reliability when you add Skyriver broadband service.

Path Diversity
Network Diversity
Failover and load balancing
Primary or secondary service
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Skyriver 30 Day Guarantee
For small business, enterprise and hospitality alike, we are the business Internet service provider of choice. We've engineered our dependable, high speed Fixed Wireless mmW business Internet service and Skyriver Private Network (VPN) service with inherent flexibility to meet your broadband needs. There's no need to settle for high speed Internet service providers like phone companies and cable Internet providers, saddled with legacy networks that prevent them from offering customizable broadband services.