Enterprise Broadband
Enterprise Broadband
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Enterprise Business Broadband

A better business broadband.
If you're considering bonded T1s, metro Ethernet, Ethernet over copper, fractional or full DS3s or fiber Internet circuits, we have a better enterprise broadband option, Skyriver Enterprise. Engineered for mission critical business applications such as cloud computing, streaming media and Voice over IP (VoIP), Skyriver Enterprise boasts fast symmetrical speeds, scalable to GigE. It outpaces most business broadband services in performance and agility, and it is the fastest and easiest business-grade broadband service to install.

Get more out of your business broadband when you go with the experts.
We are a highly specialized engineering and knowledge driven business broadband provider that is 100% focused on superb business broadband. Unlike Internet carriers such as phone companies and cable providers, we are not hindered by legacy copper or cable systems that can be slow and inflexible to your needs. We engineered and built a fully IP (Internet Protocol) based carrier-grade fixed wireless network, utilizing multiple redundant Gigabit connections, from the ground up. With advanced monitoring, security and performance enhancing protocols, we employ the highest standards in the broadband industry. From design to implementation, we have one sole purpose in mind: to deliver business broadband service better than anyone else.

Performance Guaranteed

≥99.99% Uptime

≥99% Packet Delivery

≤50 ms Latency

Fortify your business continuity plan.
No business continuity plan is complete without true broadband redundancy. Since our enterprise broadband network is extremely reliable and 100% independent from traditional phone, cable, fiber optic Internet, and other wired networks, Skyriver Enterprise is as well suited for secondary enterprise broadband connections as primary ones. Add path diversity, network diversity and carrier diversity today to ensure reliable broadband connectivity. Click Path Diversity to learn more.

We lead the broadband industry with quick and easy installations.
Our business broadband service is quick and affordable to install. There is no messy construction, trenching or build-out costs, since we utilize small easy to mount microwave antennas. Our antennas connect via Gigabit Ethernet handoff to any networking equipment, including routers, load balancers and firewalls, thereby eliminating expensive converters, fiber cards, unreliable media converters or proprietary interfaces. Business-class Internet service is usually installed in about 10 business days, with minimal start-up costs.

Skyriver 30 Day Guarantee
Superior customer and technical support 24/7
Should you need help with your microwave Internet service for any reason, you can easily reach a knowledgeable and responsive care team member. There are no huge call centers with cumbersome automated menu prompts to navigate through for help. Your care team is quick to reach, specifically trained to meet your business needs, and quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

Interested in next generation fixed wireless millimeter wave services? See Skyriver Magnitude™ broadband Internet or Skyriver Magnitude VPN for private networking solutions.

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Skyriver Enterprise Broadband
Skyriver Enterprise. Designed and optimized for reliability and satisfaction.