mmWave business broadband redefining Internet connectivity
mmWave business broadband redefining Internet connectivity
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Skyriver Millimeter Wave Broadband. Defining the future.

Our ingenious millimeter wave broadband service unleashes a new era in connectivity, free from the confinement and restrictions that have encumbered business operations and productivity for far too long. Transcending the inherent physical and economic limitations of fiber Internet and legacy alternatives like DS3s, T1s and Ethernet over Copper, our Gigabit broadband service delivers a new found freedom.

Skyriver Magnitude™ broadband is transforming Internet connectivity by empowering enterprises to harness the vast data-driven frontier. Our revolutionary millimeter wave broadband service, powered by our proprietary mmWave technology, has been intelligently designed to meet your ever-changing and robust data needs.

Demand for bandwidth is increasing exponentially every year. Heavier reliance on cloud computing, streaming data, VoIP and BYOD-friendly work spaces is fueling a hyper-dependence on broadband connectivity. Skyriver Magnitude represents a quantum leap forward in connectivity for your people, systems, devices and data. The robust and agile Gigabit service keeps operations thriving in dynamic user centric IT environments.

Forget about bandwidth forecasting. Skyriver Magnitude accommodates your bandwidth usage quickly. With easy scalability, you can increase capacity in as little as a day. Say goodbye to frustrating and expensive data surcharges. Unburdened from data usage caps, Skyriver Magnitude frees your employees to use as much bandwidth as they need, whenever they need it.

Performance Guaranteed

≥99.99% Uptime

≥99.5% Packet Delivery

≤40 ms Latency

Brilliant performance and dependability
As a forward-thinking wireless broadband provider, we have reimagined an innovative business broadband solution that exceeds your connectivity metrics. Our mmW service is delivered over the Skyriver network, a leading edge multi-Gigabit, fully redundant network. We utilize the latest advancements in wireless engineering, network architecture and security to maintain industry leading uptime and performance metrics. Our Skyriver network operations Center (NOC) safeguards performance with 24/7 proactive monitoring. An industry leading Service level Agreement (SLA) and 30 day Customer Assurance Guarantee underscore our commitment to premium quality.

Fast mmW broadband provisioning
Skyriver leads the industry with the fastest broadband service installations. Fiber optic services can easily take 60 to 90 days or more to provision, provided you're located within a fiber service area. But Skyriver millimeter wave broadband is readily available, needing only a few days to provision new service. With just a small mmW antenna and radio positioned on your roof, installation is completed in just a few hours, free from any permitting delays and obtrusive construction. A Gigabit Ethernet handoff provides fast and easy connectivity for your new Skyriver Magnitude broadband.

Responsive technical support 24/7
Our Technical support team is always within reach. There are no huge call centers with cumbersome automated menu prompts to navigate through for help. With an average speed of answer of just 10 seconds, your technical support team is quick to reach, specifically trained to meet your business needs, and quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

Discover the advantages of Skyriver Magnitude broadband.