Broadband Internet Redundancy via Path Diversity maintains business continuity
Broadband Internet Redundancy via Path Diversity maintains business continuity
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Reliable Internet With Redundancy

Stop gambling with your broadband reliability. Broadband Internet redundancy is mission critical.
Business continuity. Disaster preparedness. Disaster recovery. Business contingency. Failover Internet. No matter what you call it, we all know that avoidance or quick recovery from a natural or man-made disaster all depends on smart planning and execution. You can't control when a fire sparks, when construction destroys street communications lines or when thieves steal copper off the poles, but with thoughtful execution, you will avoid or greatly minimize the impact of an unforeseen broadband failure.

Get out of the trenches with Skyriver.
When it comes to reliable business Internet, too many businesses rely on services that are delivered via a single path and a single entry point. Fiber for instance, is very reliable in and of itself. But fiber is also subject to all kinds of physical harm. From street digging, to flood, to fire, the delicate fiber is only as strong as the conduit it's laid in. Since cable and phone lines all share the same trenches, or even the same poles, if one line goes down, chances are they all will fail. So if you want real broadband redundancy for your business, you need reliable and redundant Internet connections that are delivered via diverse paths, such as traditional wired telecom solutions and millimeter wave Fixed Wireless.

Safeguard your Internet connectivity with Skyriver.
As a leading wireless ISP for data-driven enterprises, we have pioneered an innovative millimeter wave (mmWave) broadband service that provides exceptional performance, dependability and full broadband redundancy. Consequently, we are ideally suited for your primary or secondary backup Internet connection. Since we bypass all traditional wired companies and have no reliance whatsoever on the phone or cable companies, you can be confident that your Skyriver broadband service will be up and running even when your cable or phone company is experiencing network problems. When you add Skyriver broadband service for your business, you are safeguarding your business's broadband connectivity. Add path diversity, network diversity and carrier diversity with Skyriver mmWave - It's The Triple Crown for broadband diversity.

Achieve full business Internet redundancy with failover and load balancing.
To achieve full redundancy for your business's broadband usage, you'll want to implement failover and load balancing protocols, in addition to utilizing Skyriver millimeter wave Fixed Wireless broadband in combination with your wired services. Through the use of Multi-WAN routers, IP address failover routing or load balancing efforts, you can maximize your broadband reliability.

Learn more about our commercial-grade wireless broadband services for business. Skyriver Magnitude™, powered by our proprietary millimeter wave technology, leverages the vast millimeter wave spectrum for high capacity and low latency broadband. The lead-edge service, transcends the physical and economic limitations of fiber, and empowers businesses to meet the dynamic demand for bandwidth, with agility and confidence. Magnitude Private Networking connects your office locations privately and securely.

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