Secure Private Network
Secure Private Network
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Virtual Private Networking

The next generation in private networking.
Skyriver Magnitude™ Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilizes our proprietary millimeter wave (mmWave) technology for data driven enterprises. Free from the multitude of restrictions that prevent legacy private networking solutions from meeting your business needs, we are transforming broadband connectivity. Our advanced VPN service leverages the vast high frequency spectrum, known as millimeter wave spectrum for high capacity, low latency connectivity.

Our service is packed full of features and benefits unmatched by traditional VPNs such as frame relay, ATM and IPSEC VPN, as well as private line services and Metro Ethernet. Delivered via our high performance, fully redundant network, Skyriver VPN links all your locations privately, securely, dependably and more affordably. Our robust service, which leverages MPLS and QoS, is optimized for real-time enterprise applications, including 4K video conferencing which requires high bandwidth and low latency.

Designed to meet your present and future needs.
Skyriver VPN allows you to privately and easily connect as many business locations as you desire. Changing or adding more locations is easy too. Skyriver private networking service can be installed in as little as a few days, all without any messy and expensive construction. Because we only utilize our own network for your private P2P connection, there are never any provisioning delays that are typically associated with fiber Internet or landline telco services.

Our service is easily scalable up to GigE. You can adjust your bandwidth as your needs change. If you want to add bandwidth, due to expansion, new employees or new business applications, no problem. We can accommodate your changes promptly.

We offer two types of VPN configurations depending on your network configuration. Our Layer 3 VPN service is ideal when you have more than two locations. We support any2any communications between all locations using our shortest network path, or we can limit the communications of remote sites to your central site. If you have two sites with legacy applications that require learn media access (MAC) addresses, then Layer 2 Point to Point VPN is the right solution.
Skyriver Service Availability
Skyriver Private Network
Skyriver Private Network. Simply the best.
Skyriver Private Network

Performance Guaranteed

≥99.99% Uptime

≥99% Packet Delivery

≤50 ms Latency

High performance guaranteed.
We engineered our enterprise Private Network service for maximum dependability and performance. We manage our commercial-grade service to an uptime of ≥ 99.99%, ≥ 99% packet delivery, and very low latency and jitter.

Optimum performance and bandwidth efficiency is achieved via end-to-end QoS. We will prioritize your data packets based on the quality of service standards as defined by your network.

Our industry leading SLA and our 30 Day Customer Assurance Guarantee demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Easy to implement.
Your Skyriver Private Network connection can be provisioned in as little as a few days. Because our commercial grade service requires no construction or trenching, it's fast and affordable. Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN utilize Ethernet connections.
Skyriver 30 Day Guarantee
Superior customer and technical support 24/7
Should you need help for any reason, you can easily reach a knowledgeable and responsive care team member. There are no huge call centers with cumbersome automated menu prompts to navigate through for help. Your care team is quick to reach, specifically trained to meet your business needs, and quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

See our business broadband service with guaranteed speeds to GigE.