Private Network Comparisons
Private Network Comparisons
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VPN Alternatives & Private Network Comparisons

Advanced WANs prefer modern private connections, not last century connections.
With so many carriers selling services under an abundance of names for so many years, determining the best private network option can be cumbersome. Private line services, which include Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and frame relay, are based on traditional phone services, and have been around since the 1980s.

As businesses became more reliant on data networks, VPNs (virtual private networks) became prevalent. VPNs, also referred to as IP VPN, VPN tunneling, and IP Sec tunnel, use a combination of dedicated connections and encryption protocols to create virtual P2P connections over the public Internet. A high level of knowledge in areas such as network security is required to deploy enterprise VPN service due to the complexity.

Metro Ethernet (metropolitan-area Ethernet) and Ethernet MAN refer to a small-scale network that is based on Ethernet standards. Unlike VPNs, P2P connections are established using switches rather than routers. Typically, phone and cable companies established Metro Ethernet solutions for smaller geographical areas, such as a city or county, or region.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a router-based protocol that is used to efficiently transport data from one location to another. The advantage of MPLS verses other forms of private connections, is the use of data packet labeling. As each data packet travels from one hop to the next, it checks in and drops-off pertinent information, and then picks up new information (a new label) to replace the previously affixed information. As the packet moves from its point of origin to its final destination, it will receive multiple labels, one at time. Skyriver Magnitude™ Private Network is a premium MPLS enterprise private networking solution that increases bandwidth efficiency and performance.

Get the private connection that tops the list.
Skyriver Magnitude Private Network is unmatched by private line services, VPNs, MPLS VPNs, Metro Ethernet and other alternative private connection options. We have created a millimeter wave service (mmW),that leverages our innovative mmW technology to meet the needs of business customers like you. Our service is feature rich, QoS supported, dependable, MPLS based, customizable and easy to install. Unlike VPNs and VPN alternatives, we can install Skyriver Private network in just a few weeks. It's designed to transport all your voice and data traffic privately and reliably, while optimizing packet delivery for latency-sensitive applications.

We back our service with an industry leading SLA and our 30 Day Customer Assurance Guarantee, so you can be confident that you have a superior performing private connection solution.
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Skyriver Private Network Comparisons
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Skyriver Private Network. The best option for private networking.

Superior customer and technical support 24/7
Should you need help for any reason, you can easily reach a knowledgeable and responsive care team member. There are no huge call centers with cumbersome automated menu prompts to navigate through for help. Your care team is quick to reach, specifically trained to meet your business needs, and quick to resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Private and secure
  • Up to GigE
  • Provisioned in days instead of months
  • Add or change locations quickly
  • Easily scalable bandwidth
  • Prioritize traffic to meet network requirements
  • Utilizes MPLS for premium performance
  • No additional equipment to buy and manage
  • Cost effective, no local loop charges
  • No reliance on phone and cable companies
  • 24/7 responsive technical support
  • 30 Day Customer Assurance Guarantee

  • Not well-known