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Skyriver Business Broadband Service FAQs

About the Company
We are a highly specialized engineering and knowledge driven wireless Internet service provider. Recognized as one of the first and largest independent Fixed Wireless ISPs, we are pioneering the latest advancements in 5G fixed millimeter wave. Leveraging our technological ingenuity, we have created innovative broadband services to meet the growing needs of data-driven companies: Delivering premium broadband Internet to businesses is our sole purpose. Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about Skyriver Communications.

Broadband Services
Our intelligently designed broadband network, uses our advanced fixed wireless millimeter technology to deliver robust high speed Internet up to GigE. We tailor the speed and price package to meet your broadband needs. Find answers to common questions about Skyriver broadband services.

Broadband Performance
Engineered for mission critical business applications such as cloud computing, streaming media and Voice over IP (VoIP), our service boasts fast symmetrical speeds, scalable to GigE. It outpaces most business broadband services in performance and agility, and it is the fastest and easiest business-grade service to install. Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about Skyriver broadband performance.

As a Skyriver customer, you will enjoy the fastest installations in the industry. Our Certified Field Engineers can have your service up and running in as little as 24 hours. With our business Internet service, you are completely free from the hassles of installations that are inherent in wired broadband solutions, like costly construction, permitting and construction lag times. Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about Skyriver service installation.

Coverage Area
As a leading Internet provider, we provide businesses throughout the Southern California region with dependable broadband service. Learn the answers to common questions about Skyriver service area.