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FAQs - About the Company

How long has Skyriver been providing broadband service?
Skyriver was founded in 2000, by a team of broadband experts who engineered a performance-based carrier-grade network to deliver reliable, high speed business broadband service. Growing to be one of the largest fixed wireless broadband carriers, Skyriver is on the forefront of 5G. As a leading-edge millimeter wave (mmW) ISP, Skyriver Magnitude broadband utilizes the company's patented technology to leverage high frequency millimeter waves for robust broadband connectivity.

Why is Skyriver business Internet a good choice for my business?
Skyriver is transforming broadband connectivity through its pioneering advancements in millimeter wave (mmW) technology. The next generation broadband service, free from the physical and economic constraints of fiber Internet, delivers high capacity, low latency broadband with agility and ease. Skyriver has an incredibly stable and reliable broadband network with 99.99% uptime, and guaranteed speeds that are scalable to GigE, which is equal to or better than fiber service. Plus, you'll have the peace of mind knowing you have an SLA that's second to none, and a 30 Day Assurance Guarantee to back it up.

Are all broadband providers the same?
No. Broadband providers vary quite a bit - network design, technology, speed, uptime, redundancy, security, scalability, installation requirements, customer care responsiveness, SLA, and 30 Day Assurance Guarantee are just a few of the differences.

What is the difference between business grade broadband and consumer residential broadband?
Business grade broadband comes with a significantly higher level of performance, speed, reliability and support. Unlike consumer services, Skyriver provides you with dedicated bandwidth, guaranteed uptime and guaranteed speed, and an SLA and a 30 Day Assurance Guarantee to back it all up. Plus, you'll have access 24/7/365 to a professional team of customer care and technical support representatives who are trained specifically to handle your business needs.

Is Skyriver a residential ISP?
No, Skyriver is a business-grade broadband service that is engineered and optimized for businesses only.

How does Skyriver business broadband service pricing compare to Telco and cable providers?
Skyriver is priced competitively or lower than other business-class broadband telco and cable services. With a variety of bandwidth options and contract terms, you can be sure to find a solution that is custom-tailored to your needs and budget.

Does Skyriver resell T1, bonded T1 or DS3 broadband services from the phone company?
No. Skyriver owns and operates a wholly owned fixed wireless broadband network that is completely independent from the phone company, and is therefore unaffected by phone company hard-wire mishaps such as cut wires, copper thefts or other outages.