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FAQs - Installation

How quickly can my business Internet service be installed?
The innovative wireless millimeter wave service, Skyriver Magnitude™ broadband delivers one of the fastest installation and provisioning times in the industry. Unlike business fiber Internet that can take 60-90 days, or longer, Skyriver customers typically get their broadband service installed in about 10 business days. Learn more about millimeter wave broadband services.

Is there any equipment to buy for Skyriver business Internet service?
No, Skyriver provides all equipment necessary for service and works with any router.

How easy is it to install Skyriver business broadband service?
Skyriver business broadband is exceptionally fast and easy to install, and can be up and running in as little as a day. There is no messy construction, trenching, permitting and agonizing build-out costs or lag time. The Field Engineering Team at Skyriver typically takes 3 to 4 hours to install your business Internet service, which includes our patented millimeter wave technology radio and antenna which we place on your rooftop.

Why am I being asked for my landlord information?
Skyriver needs access and permission to install small, unobtrusive equipment on your building's roof.

Can I move my Skyriver Internet service?
If your office location moves and you are within the broadband coverage area, we may be able to move your service. A move fee is required.