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FAQs - Broadband Services

What broadband products does Skyriver provide?
Skyriver provides business broadband service for large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses. Our high performance stats make us perfectly suited for primary broadband connections or redundant connections. We also provide temporary and Event Bandwidth, and Private Network connections for multiple locations.

How much bandwidth can Skyriver provide?
Skyriver can provide anything from a fractional T1 (1Mbps) to GigE dedicated, guaranteed bandwidth within the service areas.

Can I add additional bandwidth to my Skyriver business Internet service?
Skyriver business broadband is easily scalable up to GigE. You can easily upgrade your service with a phone call. Speed increases are typically completed within 24 hours, and most times before the end of the business day.

Does Skyriver provide broadband Internet for events or short term connectivity?
Yes. Because Skyriver has been designed for superior performance and installation ease, many hotels, meeting planners and organizations have used Skyriver Event Bandwidth to enhance their meetings and events. Please contact the sales department for additional information.

Are there any loop charges or taxes?
No, that's one of the many benefits of choosing Skyriver business broadband. You will never see any local loop charges or taxes that you see from the phone companies.

Does Skyriver charge extra for static IP Addresses?
Skyriver does not charge for up to a block of 8 IP Addresses (5 Usable). Should you require more, please contact Skyriver.

Will Skyriver connect two or more of my locations with private, point-to-point connections?
Yes. Skyriver Private Network connects multiple business locations, privately and securely. Please contact the sales department with your specific needs.

Does Skyriver require a service contract?
Yes, terms are 12, 24 or 36 months in length. For short term events and meetings, please contact the sales department for Event Bandwidth pricing and terms.

Is customer service available 24/7/365?
Always. The Skyriver customer service team is ready to answer your questions 24/7/365 and always eager to help you.