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Skyriver Broadband White Papers
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With expertise in broadband Internet, Fixed Wireless, network architecture, and information technology, we are pioneering advancements in broadband connectivity. Our wireless broadband service empowers businesses to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their data centric operations. Below, our team shares insights on business broadband Internet topics.

White Papers. Direct from our engineers.

Fixed Wireless Security

As wireless has become more integrated into our lives, especially in the mobile space, people have tagged the term "wireless" with the misperception that it is fundamentally incapable of being secure. But in most cases, fixed wireless, and certainly for Skyriver fixed wireless service, security should not be a concern. Although the nature of fixed wireless communications presents security demands not inherent in wired or fiber communications, you can deploy a fixed wireless network that is just as secure, if not more secure than traditional wired networks.

In this paper, we describe the methods and protocols that can be used in fixed wireless networks to make them secure. We also discuss how Skyriver thoughtfully engineered and deployed a fixed wireless network that incorporates a multi-level security solution, based on state of the art security protocols for the protection of Skyriver customers. Get white paper →

Network Architecture

In the past twenty years, wireless technologies and the Internet have become driving forces for growth and progress in the world. Different types of wireless networks (fixed and mobile) and increased reliability of these platforms have caused a rapid network deployment across the globe. Deploying wireless networks are more cost effective and faster than legacy non-wireless networks (cable, fiber, etc.). With recent technology advances in the fields of coding and enhanced modulation techniques, resulting in better spectrum efficiency and capacity, wireless networks have been on par, if not better than wired networks.

In this paper, we discuss the general network architectures, components and technologies for fixed wireless networks. We also discuss how Skyriver implements a variety of technologies and techniques to deploy a state of the art network with the highest reliability. Get white paper →

Redundancy for Corporate Broadband

Over the past twenty years, broadband service providers have been using different mediums to deliver their services. From wireless to wired (fiber, coax, etc.) the pros and cons for each category have been discussed in numerous papers and articles extensively. But there is not enough discussion about how wireless and wired broadband delivered together can increase the reliability for the end user.

In this paper, we discuss why aggregating your wired broadband with Skyriver wireless can increase your broadband reliability and uptime. Get white paper →